Better Money Choices lead to a Better Life


Better Money Choices™ was founded by Doug Dahmer, a Certified Financial Planner and Trust and Estate Planner with over twenty-five years of experience in the Canadian Financial Services industry.

Over his career, Doug came to recognize that though investment returns matter, too often people miss out on extra money simply because they make poor choices. To remedy this situation Doug launched Better Money Choices™ with the lofty goal of providing access to affordable real time financial planning for everyone.

Powered by sophisticated digital tools and supported by a team of world class technology experts, Better Money Choices™ was specifically designed to give everyone access to the financial planning tools that they deserve.

Balance your

wants & need

Make sure all your goals are on track

Own a plan not a financial product

Why Better Money ChoicesTM

Better Money ChoicesTM is an easy to use on-line application that brings together the aspects of the life you want to live and the financial factors that influence your lifestyle.  Our platform is stable, secure and totally private.  Our dedicated customer service team is friendly knowledgeable and quick to respond.

Key Features

  • Discover the outcomes of your future choices in real time
  • Graphical and text based interfaces to provide a quick view of your choices
  • Clutter-free interface, with no distracting or irritating advertisements
  • Fully customizable income,spending, and savings categories
  • Year by year breakdowns of your future net worth
  • Tools and calculators to help you make better choices
  • No financial products will ever be promoted or sold.

Better Money Choices™ makes it easy

Choices are the one aspect of our life that is completely under our control. Better Money ChoicesTM keeps you focused on the choices you can control; choices that directly impact your life.