Program Updates

Every so often we roll out new features and make changes to the program. Below you can find a list of the latest changes.


Jan. 2, 2020.

Federal & Provincial Tax Rates

Federal and Provincial tax rates have been updated to reflect the most recently published values. Please remember that tax calculations are made using the assumption that the current Canadian tax system is not going to change drastically, which is the best assumption that we can make as of today. Tax brackets and other figures will be indexed according the rate of inflation you set in your plans.

Note that where surtaxes are applicable the value of the surtax is calculated as part of total taxes owed. Additionally, Ontario tax calculations do not include the provincial health premium which ranges from $0-$900 per year depending on an individual’s total taxable income.


Account Month End Roll Over

Any event or change that is to take place in the current year can now be assigned a month. Previously all activities started in January and ended in December of next year. To allow you to plan for nearer term changes any future activity/change happening this year can be assigned a month. Going forward every time you log in you will be asked about events/activities that should have happened. Users will then be able to confirm the activity/change, defer it to a later date, or delete the whole activity.


Tax Deductible Expenses

Expenses in “Life Today” and “Future Choices” can now be flagged as tax deductible if this applies to your plan.


Enhanced Choice Assessment Charts

Charts available in “Choice Assessment” have been enhanced to better help you visualize the data. Each chart allows you to view sub-categories of the overview by selecting the section description above the chart. Further any item in a chart can be hidden/un-hidden simply by clicking on the item in the legend below the chart.